Allotment of responsabilities

The rights and responsibilities of school service centre, school boards, of private schools and of the Minister with respect to instructional materials used in the schools are defined in the Education Act.

According to the Education Act, the Minister ["may draw up a list of textbooks and instructional material or classes of instructional material approved by him"] (R.S.Q., c. I-13.3, s. 462).

The school service centre, school board or private school ["shall ensure that only the textbooks, instructional material or class of instructional material approved by the Minister"] are used for the teaching of any program of studies established by the Minister (R.S.Q., c. I-13.3, s. 230 and c. E.-9.1, s. 35). Since the list of approved instructional materials includes only "basic instructional materials," the obligation applies to this type of materials only.

"The principal is responsible for approving, on the proposal of the teachers or, in the case of matters referred to in subparagraph 5, of the members of the staff concerned and after consulting with the governing board in the case of proposals under subparagraph 3,...

(3) in accordance with this Act and in keeping with the school budget, the textbooks and instructional material required for the teaching of programs of studies." (R.S.Q., c. I-13.3, s. 96.15.)

"Students other than those enrolled in adult education have a right to the free use of textbooks and other instructional material required for the teaching of programs of studies until the last day of the school calendar of the school year in which they reach 18 years of age, or 21 years of age in the case of handicapped persons within the meaning of the Act to secure the handicapped in the exercise of their rights (c. E-20.1). Each student shall have the personal use of the textbook chosen pursuant to section 96.15 for each compulsory and elective subject in which the student receives instruction." (R.S.Q., c. I-13.3, s. 7.)