Instructional Materials Approved for Preschool, Elementary and Secondary Levels

Documents and Forms

You must use the documents and forms listed below to submit a request for approval of instructional materials. Keep in mind that the request for approval (12-8003A) and for attestation (12-8007A) forms must be enclosed with the six copies of the instructional materials submitted for the approval of the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports.

In addition, for materials related to Ethics and Religious Culture, you must complete the Request for Evaluation of Religious Aspects (49-1702A) form. Instructions on the procedure are provided in the document Processing Requests for the Evaluation of Religious Aspects of Instructional Materials. For each component of the materials submitted for evaluation, you must also complete the form, Identification of References to Religious Traditions (49-1701-A). It is important to clearly indicate the place (page, minute or other) where a religion is addressed. You must then e-mail the form to the Secrétariat aux affaires religieuses at the following address:

Processing Requests for the Approval of Instructional Materials

Request for Approval

Instructional packages

Reference works

Attestations Related to Instructional Materials Submitted for the Minister’s Approval

Process for Approving Instructional Materials Intended for Elementary and Secondary Education