The works listed on the Exclusion List published by the Société québécoise de gestion collective des droits de reproduction (COPIBEC) are protected under the Copyright Act, which prohibits reproduction in any form, adaptation or modification, in whole or in part, unless prior authorization has been obtained from the person holding the copyright, usually the publisher.

However, this does not apply in cases where notices appearing in the works authorize teachers to reproduce certain parts or certain pages of specific materials, some of which can be removed.

Moreover, an agreement drawn up between COPIBEC and the Ministère de l'Éducation allows teachers to reproduce certain works within certain limitations and under certain conditions.

Before reproducing any work, it is thus important to:

  1. make sure it does not appear on COPIBEC’s Exclusion List
  2. respect the conditions set out in the reproduction agreement

For further information on copyrights, please visit the Copyright section.