The Culture in the Schools Program

The Culture in the Schools Program makes financial assistance available to school administrators and teachers to support the organization of arts and culture projects at school. The program targets all public and private French and English schools offering preschool, elementary and secondary education (youth sector). The objective of the program is to form citizens who are actively involved in cultural life by increasing the number of cultural experiences offered to students through the collaboration of the artists, writers and professional cultural organizations listed in the Répertoire de ressources culture-éducation, a unique directory listing approximately 2 000 artists, writers and organizations. The directory, which is available only on the Internet, is updated every two years.

More specifically, the program is designed to:

  • ensure that the cultural dimension is integrated into classroom and school activities in accordance with the Québec Education Program
  • offer students a range of cultural experiences that will have a positive impact on their learning and allow them to develop open-mindedness, curiosity, critical judgment and aesthetic appreciation
  • help students become accustomed to visiting cultural venues  and take pleasure in such visits
  • promote concerted action among schools and cultural organizations, while taking regional realities into account
  • promote careers in the arts and culture

The program enables cultural resources to visit students in their classrooms and explain how they approach the creative process. It also makes it possible to organize cultural outings that may provide an opportunity to share the emotion of a play or the choreographic ingenuity of a dance performance. Students are encouraged to play an active role that will result in longlasting benefits, such as learning to be part of a team and developing creativity, critical judgment and aesthetic sense. This will allow students to become receptive adults who are likely to participate in the cultural life of their community. Schools must submit their projects in early fall.