History and Citizenship Education, Secondary IV

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An issue in society today

The last social phenomenon studied allows students to address an issue in society today that is being or has recently been debated. This social phenomenon therefore differs from the social phenomenon Issues in Québec society since 1980 studied in Secondary III. The teacher or the students must determine whether the issue studied will be political, economic, social or environmental. It is important that the issue selected be different from the issues studied in Secondary III. The designated focus for the study of the social phenomenon An issue in society today is Addressing an issue and making social choices.

The concepts prescribed by the program are not explained by means of specific statements. It is through the appropriate use of knowledge related to the social phenomenon studied that students develop their understanding of the following concepts: culture, economy, population, power, public sphere, society, rule of law, territory.

Student constructs knowledge with teacher guidance.

Student applies knowledge by the end of the school year.


Student reinvests knowledge.

The figure 3 indicates that some knowledge related to this learning was addressed in Secondary III.
3 4
  1. The issue in society today
    1. Indicates the aspect of society connected with the issue examined: political, economic, social or environmental
    1. Names some facts related to the issue studied
  1. Participation in social debates
    1. Names principles and values underlying social debates: equality, freedom, representativity
    1. Indicates means used to debate the issue studied
    1. Identifies players concerned by the issue studied and by social debates
    1. Indicates positions of players concerned by the issue studied and by social debates
    1. Justifies his/her opinion concerning the issue studied

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