Physical Education and Health

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Competency 3 – Adopts a healthy, active lifestyle

Knowledge (Concepts to be learned)


Student constructs knowledge with teacher guidance.

Student applies knowledge by the end of the school year.


Student reinvests knowledge.

E: The letter E indicates that some of the concepts related to this topic were covered in elementary school.


  1. Regular physical activity (characteristics of a session of physical activity)
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  1. Pacing and target heart rate (THR)
    1. Uses the Borg perception scale to assess his/her level of effort and fatigue during or after a cardiovascular activity
    1. Calculates his/her THR based on his/her maximum heart rate (HRmax)
      (e.g. 70% of HRmax)
    1. Paces him/herself during an activity of moderate to high intensity lasting from 20 to 30 consecutive minutes
      (e.g. starting slowly, breathing deeply)
    1. Takes into account his/her THR during a physical activity
      (e.g. during a 20-minute training session, taking the HR after 10 minutes to check one’s rating in relation to the THR zone)
    1. Applies basic training principles when doing muscular, cardiovascular and flexibility exercises
      (e.g. overload, specificity, progression)
  1. Recovery periods
    1. Trains while observing the periods of recovery during and after an activity
      (e.g. 1 : 1 = one period of work for one period of rest; 45 seconds of rest between two sets of muscle-building exercises)
  1. Regular self-evaluation (cardiovascular capacity and other factors)
    1. Uses tests to assess his/her flexibility
      (e.g. sit-and-reach test)
    1. Uses tests to assess his/her strength and muscular endurance
      (e.g. partial curl-up test, push-up test)
    1. Uses tests to assess his/her cardiovascular endurance
      (e.g. 12-minute Cooper test, Léger shuttle run test)
  1. Relaxation techniques
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  1. Uses techniques to relax after a physical effort or to manage his/her stress
    (e.g. controlled breathing, Jacobson method, yoga, mental imagery)

Knowledge (Concepts to be learned)