Physical Education and Health

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Competency 2 – Interacts with others in different physical activity settings

From Secondary I to Secondary V, students are placed in a variety of learning situations in which they engage in physical activities with others, either as teammates or as opponents. Whereas in elementary school they acquired certain concepts that allowed them to develop a general plan of action, in secondary school students are required to develop such a plan in more detail, to apply it and to adapt it, if necessary. To do this, they use a variety of action rules and tactics to devise a strategy and adjust their actions during the activity.1 They also learn to communicate more effectively amongst themselves and to play the role they have been assigned.

1.  The tactics (individual or group, offensive or defensive) that are not mentioned in the physical education and health program for secondary school, but that are an integral part of any plan of action are not outlined in this document because they are different for each activity. For example, to advance the ball toward the basket in basketball, students can use “pass and go” or “pass and follow”; to guard their territory in volleyball, they can choose the “W” position.