Physical Education and Health

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This document is complementary to the secondary school Physical Education and Health program. It provides additional information on the knowledge and skills that students should have acquired by the end of each year of secondary school. It also outlines certain elements of the elementary-level program that are reinvested in secondary school. The aim of this document is to make the teacher’s work easier when planning and implementing learning and evaluation situations designed to ensure the ongoing and progressive development of students’ competencies.

This document is divided into four sections. The first three sections correspond to the three competencies of the Physical Education and Health program and outline the knowledge, skills and behaviours specific to each competency. The last section deals with concepts related to safe participation in physical activities and to fair play that can be associated with any one of the three competencies.

Building on what they learned in elementary school, secondary school students continue to develop their locomotor, nonlocomotor and manipulation skills by applying appropriate techniques to the activities concerned. For example, they continue to build a set of action rules that are necessary in opposition or group activities. They also become more familiar with and more adept at using effective means of maintaining or improving their physical fitness and lifestyle habits. Lastly, they deepen their knowledge or apply the concepts of safe participation and fair play to which they were introduced in elementary school.

Declining involvement in physical activity, which typically begins when students enter secondary school, unfortunately continues throughout adolescence, particularly among girls. Yet, studies have shown that young people who are fit and who exercise on a regular basis do better in school. It is therefore all the more important that Physical Education and Health teachers offer their students activities that will motivate them to continue or resume being physically active on a daily basis, starting now and for the rest of their lives.