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Physical Education and Health

Competency 2: To interact with others in different physical activity settings


Motor Skills

Student constructs knowledge with teacher guidance.

Student applies knowledge by the end of the school year.


Student reinvests knowledge.

  1. Ethics-related aspects
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  1. Explains in his/her own words the rules of ethics relevant to a situation
    (e.g. in a tag and chase game, refraining from using unfair tactics to win at all costs)
  1. Names a few values that can be developed through games and sports
    (e.g. respect, friendship, honesty)
  1. Respects his/her peers (partners and opponents)
    1. Uses language that shows respect for his/her partner
    1. Cheers on his/her partners
    1. Respects the point of view or ideas of others
    1. Uses language that shows respect for opponents
    1. Treats his/her opponents with respect
      (e.g. refrains from using violent or aggressive behaviour)
    1. Accepts the mistakes of teammates
    1. Helps partners who are having difficulty
  1. Observes the rules
  1. Respects the referee
    1. Uses language that shows respect for the referee
    1. Respects the referee’s decisions
  1. Demonstrates fairness
    1. Gives everyone a chance to play
      (e.g. gives others a chance to get the object)
    1. Gives everyone a chance to win
      (e.g. in a combat situation, confronts an opponent of the same skill level)
  1. Demonstrates a certain fighting spirit
    (i.e. keeps trying, even in the face of defeat)
  1. Shows a desire to surpass himself/herself
  1. Accepts victory and defeat
    1. Accepts defeat with dignity
      (e.g. controls his/her emotions, gives opponents credit for good plays)
    1. Respects opponents in victory
      (e.g. accepts victory with modesty without ridiculing the opponent)
  1. Shows appreciation for good plays by peers
    1. Shows appreciation for the plays of his/her partner
    1. Shows appreciation for the plays of his/her teammates and opponents
  1. Demonstrates honesty in his/her behaviour
  1. Demonstrates dignity and self-control

Motor Skills

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